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 Commissioning Art Work FAQ


  Why commission the artist Jozsef Burge ? 


- FCA Federation fo Canadian Artists member and NAC supporter.

- Years of experience and expertise at styles ranging from realistic, contemporary, and abstract.

- You are involved at a creative level in the work. ie: Size, subject matter, and style of the work you desire and supporting Canadian art.

- A work of art is a unique, personal, gift which can be given by an individual or group to celebrate  an anniversary, birthday, or retirement.

- A commissioned work of art " costs no more than buying from a gallery " and you are directly supporting Canadian artists.

- Give me a photo of a favorite house, landscape, beach, or place from your past or present and I will create a unique custom work of art !

- Fees vary according to size, medium and techniques used.

- Feel free to contact me with any requests for commissions and custom art work.




European Art Master Jozsef Burge  


Affordable Quality Art From European Art Master Jozsef Burge. Influenced By Leonardo, Van Gogh, Monet, Picasso And Rembrandt. Realistic, Impressionistic, Abstract, fine art, Sales Commissions And  Rentals


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