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About Jozsef Burge 


   Jozsef Burge the artist was born in Hungary in 1951. Jozsef has had a long an illustrious career in Europe, working in Yugoslavia, Rome, Venice, Milan and numerous other European locales. His painting has always been his passion, and he prefers to express his passion in oils and acrylics. His works have been sold in galleries across the globe and we are very lucky to now have Jozsef Burge residing in Vancouver B.C. Canada. His online art gallery gives a glimpse of the canadian artists scope and flexibility of style. Contemporary, and abstract fine art Canada style. Like NAC, Jozsef believes Canada is truly our stage and online art galleries like this are key to spreading Canadian art.


    Jozsef Burge is an accredited member of the prestigious FCA, Federation of Canadian Artists and has successfully sold hundreds of his works. Jozsef's style ranges from realism to contemporary and abstract. Jozsef has been commisioned to reproduce art in the styles of the masters. As you can see his skills are varied and tangible. Jozsef is once again accepting commisions for artwork in the style of your choice. If you see any of his past works that would interest you feel free to contact us at Jozsef Burge Gallery. Also check his recent works , as a few pieces may still be available.


    Jozsef has also worked extensively with designers in Europe and Canada in residential and commercial ventures. Feel free to contact us for more information. Jozsef is continually creating Master works of art for private and corporate collections.



Jozsef Burge is one of the most influencial Canadian artists. Born in Hungary in 1951, the artist has had a career spanning almost 50 years.

Jozsef paints in " The styles of the Masters " including Picasso style abstracts, contemporary, and realistic art. Jozsef's online art gallery now brings his fine art to Canada. Jozsef Burge believes as the NAC, The National Arts Centre  does that Canada is our stage. Working in Milan, Rome, Venice, and across Europe, Jozsef's art has always been in high demand. Working in the Canadian Art business for many years now, his paintings can be found in private and corporate collections locally and internationally. He expresses his passion in oils and acrylics and has been a member of numerous art associations including The Federation of Canadian Artists. Online art galleries, Canadian art, fine art, EBA, NAC, AFC, FCA, all serve to promote Canadian artists.  Jozsef is one of those rare artists that is still available for commission and custom art work in the style of your choice. Feel free to contact him. Custom art work is no more expensive than buying from a gallery and you will have much more input and flexibility. Thank you for supporting Canadian artists and fine Canadian art.        Jozsef Burge Online Art Gallery.

European Art Master Jozsef Burge  


Affordable Quality Art From European Art Master Jozsef Burge. Influenced By Leonardo, Van Gogh, Monet, Picasso And Rembrandt. Realistic, Impressionistic, Abstract, fine art, Sales Commissions And  Rentals


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