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Best Vancouver Local Artist Jozsef Burge Gallery Best Art In The Styles Of Van Gogh, Leonardo, Monet, Picasso and Rembrandt

"In the styles of the Masters" Best Commissions and Custom Art Rentals For Corporate and Movie Industry




I would like to remind you that my skill at painting is a gift. Many people have called me the best artist in Canada, or Vancouver. There are many masters, and I am honored to be acknowledged at all ! I am humbled by your kind words. I will try to be the very best always.


I only do what I feel I must do ! Every piece of art is straight from my heart. A true artist is born and continues to learn their craft till the day they die. 


Thank you so much for making my life and my work worthwhile. I will continue to do the best commission work I can. I will always give my best to you ! Thank you for the acclaim and the vote of confidence in my abilities. 


Best artist is a title I find very hard to accept , but thank you once again !





Contact me for Custom Art 

 and Commissioned Art for Special Occasions , Weddings, Memorials, Celebrations of Life, Retirements, Family Reunions,

Give me a photo of your childhood home, a favorite mountain, tree or river, and I will turn it into a one of a kind memorable piece of art to treasure forever!

I have been very inspired and now after a long period of creativity, I will once again show case my works online as prints and of course  signed originals.


Click to purchase any prints or original signed art at the above link. Thank you for supporting The best Canadian art and artists and Vancouver culture.


 Best Art In The Styles Of The Masters ... Custom Art at  Affordable Prices.


" Jozsef Burge is by far the best artist on the Westcoast "

"Canada's European Art Master Jozsef Burge"

"Canada's best artist Jozsef Burge"

"Burge's art is fascinating, engaging, and exciting"

"Jozsef Burge Canada's most dominant and influential artist"

" Jozsef's work echos the styles of the great masters " 

"Nothing short of genius "

"Vancouver's greatest artist"

"Talented artist painting in the styles of the masters "

"Real art by an experienced passionate artist"

"Jozsef Burge bold dramatic, Canadian artist"

"Jozsef is Vancouvers best kept art secret"

"Jozsef Burge, Art influenced by the early Masters Leonardo , Monet, Van Gogh, Rembrandt  and Picasso, "


"Distinctive, Contemporary, Realistic,  and Picasso style Abstract Fine Art"

"Best Canadian Art"

"Best Online Art Gallery"

"The Artist, Vancouver's Best"

"Fine Art Canada"

"In the styles of the Masters"

"A True Canadian Treasure"

"Globally Reknowned Online Art Gallery"

"B.C's Best Artist"

"Fabulous Work, Full of Passion !"

"Collectible Masterpieces"

"Vancouver's Best Known Artist"

"Exciting yet Affordable Art"

"Shop For The Perfect Piece of Fine Art in Vancouver"

"Very Reasonable Custom Art Prices "

" I Was Extremely Happy With The art I Commissioned "

" Unbelievable Value "

" Art Is Jozsef's Life "

" A Master Canadian Artist "

" Stunningly Beautiful Pieces of Fine Art from the Vancouver Master "









We support NAC, FCA, Canada, EBA, AFC, Canada,, canadian art, canadian artwork, contemporary art, abstract art, and the artist.

European Art Master Jozsef Burge  


Affordable Quality Art From European Art Master Jozsef Burge. Influenced By Leonardo, Van Gogh, Monet, Picasso And Rembrandt. Realistic, Impressionistic, Abstract, fine art, Sales Commissions And  Rentals


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